Fun Facts About Switzerland

When the country Switzerland is mentioned in everyone’s conversation, the first thing that always comes in mind before anything is the secure banking facilities that it provides. Truth be told there is so much that happens in this Europe country that everyone of any age can enjoy and have a time of their life. Here is a list of some of the fun things facts that most people did not know about this European country with a population of about eight million people.


The Lavaux Vineyard Terraces

This is one of the most adventurous activities for individuals who are so much into hiking. Switzerland is one of the countries around the globe that has some of the most fascinating mountains that will always be a dream come true for the hikers. The wine hike that always begins from St Saphorin and ends at Lutry is always associated with the Lavaux Vineyard is not only an epic adventure but also one of the famous beautiful scenery to take memorable pictures. You can easily find a balanced vegan meal plan in the cafe.


Meals and Wines


There is no way that you will have some of the intended fun in Switzerland in an empty stomach and one of the things that you will realize about Switzerland is that the food is as expensive as the country. That is why when you are around it is encouraged to experience foreign restaurants as there are so many to choose from. Starting from the Chinese, Indian, Japanese and so much more. There are also Italian restaurants that offer some of those mind-blowing Pizzas that we Italian restaurants are famous for.


The wine that most Switzerland population drinks are from the country and only a small percentage is exported. This country produces almost two hundred liters on wine every year that the huge percentage of it is consumed by the locals. The reason why you are always guaranteed of some of the best homemade wine when you are in this wine producing nation.




As earlier mentioned, Switzerland has a population of about eight million people which is very diverse. That is why the country has declared almost for national languages which include the French, German, Italian and a small percentage of the Roman language. When you consider such a wealth of languages in this country, it is a sure thing that one will not only be comfortable when in the country but also have a very easy time moving around.


Drinking Water


It is amazing when you consider some of the many free fountains that the country has available for drinking water. The water fountains are found nearly everywhere in Switzerland and one can enjoy good drinking water with or without the drinking bottles. The water is not only safe to drink but also very clean to do refill if you have a water bottle which is a very rare thing in many countries.


Cheese Country


There is no way you can be in this counter and enjoy the cheese delicacy that they have. If you are one of those people who love their cheese, then this is the country to visit. Did you notice that they have a very wide variety of cheese and it is no wonder that the nation was able to win the prize in this year’s cheese championship?




There are so many fun activities that one can enjoy in Switzerland that goes unnoticed. This can be witnessed with some of the above-mentioned facts about Switzerland. When you are in this great nation be well advised that there are so much than what meets the eye.